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The research group Multilingualism on My Mind (MoMM) at the University of Bergen’s Department of Foreign Languages (see the About MoMM page) is organizing a two-day virtual conference on multilingualism in education from 18-19 March 2021.

The decision to hold such a conference comes as societies become increasingly multicultural and linguistically diverse, with far-reaching implications for how education is conceptualized, delivered, and received. For instance, what steps do policymakers and teachers need to take to enhance all students’ multilingualism? How can a multilingual approach to education improve students’ language awareness, language skills, and academic performance? How can it empower students’ identities and increase their confidence and motivation to learn languages? Even though most school and university students can be considered multilingual, do they actually identify themselves as such and view their multilingualism as a resource for themselves and society?

The MoMM 2021 conference welcomes contributions from all across the globe and from a variety of perspectives to explore these questions and others related to multilingualism in education. Please see the Abstract Submission page for more information about conference dates and how and where to submit.